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Dr. Sherri
Thriving Thoughts Coach, Podcast Host, Writer, & Speaker

Dr. Sherri is revolutionizing the way in which women live.  Utilizing an enhanced philosophy of emotional, relationship, and spiritual experiences common to women, she delivers her gifts of compassion, empathy, and insight through keynote speaking, coaching, and writing. 

Dr. Sherri shrewdly connects with the hearts and minds of women by offering transparency, comedy, and transformative truths.  She candidly shares discoveries on her journey from a traditionally practicing clinical psychologist to shifting perspectives and speaking life to women worldwide, compelling them to make manifest the lives they were intended to live; lives of meaning, passion, and purpose, as they discover and deliver their inherent value to the world. 

A note from Dr. Sherri:

I am convinced that our minds must be equipped with love, crafted with discipline, and transformed with grace to live the life we are intended.  Women, including myself, have invested precious energy perfecting an unfit mind, one that is fueled by critique, pessimism, and unworthiness, all of which are adversaries to fulfillment, happiness, and ultimately hope. All women are susceptible to a malignancy of the mind; and all women are uniquely designed, called to a purpose, and deserving of a mind, and life, that radiates. 

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